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Box Of 6 Natural Witch Stones

Box Of Six Natural Healing Chakra Witch Stones

How  to use your witch stones: 

The ancient practice of casting gemstones is called Lithomancy.This traditional ritual provides the user with inspiration,guidance,knowledge and gengeral decision-making .Where will your stones fall?


Place the pentacle casting chart on a flat surface.Hold the stones inside your hands,then shake them like dice to cast them onto the chart.Immediately remove any stones with symbol facing down,as the are voided.

-Stones which land in the center(illumination)should be considered direct answers to your question.If multiple stones land here,you should first read the stone closest to the exact center.

-Stones which land within the star(Magic Point)reflect how your own actions can strongly affect and influence and given outcome.

-Stones which land within the circle(Shadow lands)are void.

-Stones which land between two points should be moved to the larger of the two areas.


Healing &other properties given are for information only and should not be used to replace medical advice or treatment.

Size:H 13.5cm x W 3cm x L 11.5cm
Material: Stone

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