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Crystal Angel Figurine Amethyst

Blue Dot Stone
Red Agate
Rock Crystal Quartz
Rose Quartz
Tigers Eye

Instantly make your space pop with an accent and rid it of negative auras with our Crystal Angel Figurine Amethyst!

Stereotypical angels are absolutely everywhere! You have probably seen them something on a church compound, either at your friend’s home or on buildings. In places like this, they are perceived as strong human-like creatures with feathery wings.

They are devoted to God's followers and act as their protectors. Whether it guardian angels or other angels in general, angles symbolism inspires faith and they also provide comfort and promote higher wisdom and understanding. But more specifically Angels symbolize intelligence in more than one way.

When someone gives you a gift of an angel, you should view yourself as an intelligent person. fir angels know more about the universe and humans than we humans know. Angels also have the strength and otherworldly powers that humans don’t have, meaning when you get to be a gift with an angel figure, then you must be intelligent.

Grab one of these Crystal Angel Figurine Amethyst and have an angel sitting by the pretty countertop that would not only revamp it appearance-wise but would also cleanse the space for you! Since this very symbolic figurine is made out of crystal, it would definitely do you wonders! Grab yours now! 


Product Info:

  • Material: CRYSTAL
  • Size: 40*25*13mm
  • Weight: 10-20g
  • Material: Natural Stone
  • Suitable position: Study living room and bedroom
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