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Crystal Quartz Elephant Amethyst


Called "stone of peace" time and again, many believe that the amethyst brings calmness and soothes a person because of its purity and tranquility.

Although some may know that wearing or having amethyst stones are only for those whose birth month symbolizes it, everyone can definitely benefit from its wonders, which even the ancient people believe in. Amethyst is a captivating purple colored gemstone that can be worn or used as a home decoration.

The Crystal Quartz Elephant Amethyst falls for the latter. There are many advantages listed about the amethyst gemstone such as stress repellent and protection against negative energies. More and more adults (and even younger ones) experience tension and difficulties like never before. An amethyst stone can help with that.

It can help one person to connect with his inner self and align his thoughts leading the soul towards his greater self-awareness, understanding, and wisdom. All of these, while ebbing away negative vibes and toxic energy.

The result? A quiet mind is ready to begin planning for the future with hope and determination. This product is a perfect decoration for your study room, living room, bedroom, bathroom, or wherever place in your house you do all the thinking. It comes in different colors so there's surely something for your preference.


Product Info:

  • Style: Artificial
  • Material: Gemstone, and Natural Stone
  • Suitable position: Study living room and bedroom
  • Applicable scenario: Decoration, potted plants, fish tank
  • Item Weight: 25-30g
  • Item Size: length 40mm width 23mm height 30mm

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