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Crystal Water Bottle

Fill up you day with these energise crystal water bottle !

Pour water over and wait for 7-10 mins, water will taste different after because it has been purified by the crystal inside :)    

Amethyst : spiritual protection and purification

Black: turning around one's attitude and attracting positive energy into our lives

Citrine: grounding, protective and calming

White Clear: amplify energy by absorbing, storing, releasing, and regulating it

Pink: choice for adding more love and kindness into your life

Firework: discover your divine purpose in life. It opens and stimulates the third eye chakra, clearing the way for spiritual expansion.


Please note:

-Actual colours may vary. This is due to the fact that every computer monitor has a different capability to display colours and that everyone sees these colours differently.

- Recommended for room temperature and cold water only



2-黑曜石 (8)_副本


4-白水晶 (5)_副本

5-粉晶 (1)_副本

6-2 棉黄 (5)_副本

7-2 梦幻紫 (3)_副本

8-烟花石 (1)_副本

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