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Natural Pyrite Irregular Ore


Fire does not only signify obstructive ideas but denotes many things including passion, eternity, hope, purification, and even life.

To be warm means to be alive. With this, many believe that having something which carries the metaphor of fire is set to repel all negative energies.

Pyrite is a gemstone that has a luster resembling gold. Don't let it fool you though. The Natural Pyrite Irregular Ore is a piece of gemstone that gives powerful protection and attracts real positive energy to your emotions and physical well-being. Pyrite is also believed to have healing properties like the treatment of bones and cell formation. What's more, the gemstone restores and energizes a person's senses and judgment.

Following those benefits, one will have enhanced memory and a sounder, stable temperament and disposition, leading to a rational and logical way of thinking. It's like a domino effect.  With the recent trends, having stones or decorations which vibes out positive energy is becoming more and more paramount.

The gemstones' modern style makes it a wonderful addition to your guest area or any room in your house. It is natural pyrite made with organic material where a piece weighs around 8-15g and it is guaranteed to be visually aesthetic.

Product Info:

  • Style: Modern
  • Material: Organic Material
  • Technology: Natural
  • Material: Natural Pyrite
  • 1pc Weight: 8-15g

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