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Natural Stones Reiki Pendulum

Metal color
Gold Stone
Green Aventurine
Blue Gold Stone
Rose Quartz
Red Jasper
Tiger eye
Picture Jasper
Black Onyx
Lapis Lazuli

Did you know each pendulum will choose you rather than you choose it, when you pick your one, simply close your eye and think of one pendulum in the pictures, see which one will come to your mind first :)

How does pendulum help in spiritual healing

Pendulums are divination tools which help in detecting the energy blockage in the body. Here are some of the healing treatments which one can do by using pendulums:

1. Chakra balancing

2. Aura cleansing

3. Clearing the blockage of energy (chi) in the body

4. Grounding

Pendulum helps in promoting spiritual and physical healing by locating any blocks in a person's chi (energy). It is a simple tool which helps in balancing, healing and clearing our mind and body. They help us seek answers to certain questions by picking on subtle vibrations. They do so by moving in the direction of invisible energy around us

How do pendulums help with chakra balancing

Holding the pendulum over all the seven chakras of the body helps in revealing the imbalance and energy blocks in the chakras. You can start with the crown chakra, which is located on the top of the head.

Hold the pendulum a few inches above the crown chakra and wait for it to move automatically by picking on subtle vibrations. Keep moving to the next six chakras while noting down the direction in which the pendulum is swinging. 


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