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Radiation Protection Pendant


Keep yourself away from the dangers of radiation with our Radiation Protection Pendant.

In this modern-day, when literally everything is digitized and we are surrounded by machines, it is just somehow impossible for us to avoid being exposed to certain levels of radiation. These certain radiations that we encounter in our day to day lives are sometimes perfectly harmless as we are only exposed to it for a short amount of time or the radiation is not powerful enough to leave a negative impact right away.

But it is better to be safe than sorry. Prolonged radiation exposure can happen without us even noticing it and sometimes it can only be detected when harm is already made.


Protect yourself and be very extra cautious, with our Radiation Protection Pendant that consists of germanium stones and volcanic lava, you can definitely have a sigh of relief among the lingering danger of radiation for you will be protected and Radiation Protection Pendant has got you covered!

Since it eliminates all the unnecessary radiation and tense energy on the wearer's body, the Radiation Protection Pendant will give you a one-step advantage on making yourself the best and holistically healthy version of you! 


Product Info:

  • Function: Fitness Tracker
  • Chain Type: Rope Chain
  • Material: Stone, and Volcanic Lava





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