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Rune Stones

What Are Runes?

'Rune’ simply means mystery, whisper or secret and it is a form of divination or oracle reading system that is help gain insight into situations or questions. They can be made of various materials, but are most commonly made of stone, and feature a symbol from the runic alphabet on them.







































How to use?

Reading Runes is one of the most popular methods of Mancy (Divination).  There are different kinds of Rune stones depending on which alphabet you choose to follow; Anglo-Saxon Futhorc, Cirth, Elder Futhark, Gothic Runes, Hungarian Runes, Turkic, Younger Futhork.  Elder Futhark is the emerging Rune alphabet in popularity; it is also known as the alphabet with the "blank".

Size: 10-30mm and Weight:150-300/25pcs